Character concept art – Tounare

Final version:

concept-character-2017_1_weather control-Tounare

Making process:

concept-character-2017_1_weather control-Tounare-making

Concept information: 

  • Character name: Tou Nare (トウ・ナレ)

  • Gender: male

  • Age: 13

  • Height: 153cm

  • Weight: 47kgs

  • Personalities: calm, brave

  • World settings: fantasy world with the existence of magic

  • Role: low-class magic user (pupil level)

  • Item: thunder magic wand

  • Abilities: shooting out electric, thundercloud generation (short range)

Resolution: 2894 x 4093 pixels (A4)

Making date: January 2017

Making time: 30 hours

Used software: Photoshop CC


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